New Paths’ approach to leadership and executive coaching is heavily influenced by human psychology and behaviour change principles.  We employ a range of evidence-based methods and frameworks to help improve our clients’ leadership effectiveness, work performance, wellbeing and life satisfaction.  In addition, our strong assessment background enables us to use assessment tools (eg. leadership style questionnaires, emotional intelligence assessments, 360 degree surveys, strengths assessments) to great effect at appropriate junctures during coaching programs.  We work with people who are looking to build capability in their current role, as well as those who may be facing a time of career transition and uncertainty.

Individual Leadership and Executive Coaching

New Paths has a two-tiered approach to individual coaching, which makes it easier for clients to select the program that best meets their needs.  Our Quick Wins Coaching Program is ideal for clients who are looking for a focused, high impact engagement across three or four sessions with a coaching psychologist.  Our Deep Dive Coaching Program is suitable for clients who require more sustained support over a longer time-frame (typically 6+ months).  Individual coaching sessions are typically conducted at the client’s place of work or via Skype or telephone.

Group Coaching

Small group coaching can be a very powerful and economical way to develop leadership capabilities, encourage collaborative problem solving, enable knowledge transfer, and build internal relationships and trust.  The coaching psychologist works with a small group of leaders (typically four to six per group).  The group meets fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly and works to an agreed coaching agenda.  The coach’s role during the sessions is two-fold: firstly, to facilitate productive conversations so that experiences and knowledge can be shared and stronger bonds can form between group members.  Secondly, the coach imparts new knowledge and skills to the group (eg. methods, models, experiences) based on the agreed coaching agenda.  Group coaching is typically done face-to-face at the client’s place of work.

What are the benefits?

New Paths’ tailored, evidence-based individual leadership coaching has the potential to bring about significant changes in people’s self-awareness, leadership capability, workplace effectiveness and satisfaction both at work and in life.  Group coaching – with its combination of facilitated discussion, knowledge-transfer, peer support and mentoring – is an economic way to improve self-awareness, group dynamics, cross-functional collaboration and skill development.

Career Transition